We hope to inspire people to get out and see the sights around Metro Detroit. Browse our photo collection of some of our favorite places and things to do. Here are a few samples - pick one or browse the ever-growing list here.


venues and events.

Venues are where events happen.

Why are events important to us?

We watch performances and revel in the artistry. We watch competitions, root for our teams, and share in the exhiliration of anticipated victories.

We attend exhibitions of art, history, commerce, and innovation, to admire and critique, to compare and contrast, to learn new things.

We rally to support causes we care about, in hopes of bringing about change, or awareness. We gather to commemorate past events that should not be forgotten.

We celebrate milestones with friends and family - birthdays, weddings, achievements, reunions.

We join others to participate in our favorite activities, sometimes meeting people with whom we have nothing else in common but this one particular thing.

Sometimes, we just need a change of pace. See what's out there.


lists and guides.

We're updating our index of local sites in the following categories. Though we're focused on Detroit proper, our lists include the entire metro area. If you have a site suggestion, please


  • museums
  • historic sites
  • monuments
  • casinos
  • public parks
  • hiking & biking trails




  • colleges & universities
  • trade schools
  • lessons & training
  • mentoring
  • networking


  • food & drink
  • shopping
  • b2b


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